Premium quality "Designed in Germany

Barite International GmbH, based in Bremen, Germany, is a wholesaler and retailer with close ties to the production facilities in Asia. The majority of our VBLED brand products are developed in Germany and produced by our business partners in China.

For you, this means that you can count on the consistently high quality of our LED products. High-quality device components guarantee an above-average service life as well as correspondingly pleasant light quality.

The production and monitoring of our products is controlled from here and precisely executed and documented by our business partners in China.

The products are then imported and forwarded to our European customers.

The basis of our success is high-quality raw materials and innovative techniques that are combined to create a product with an appealing design and good performance.

In order to become even more successful in the future, we rely on the help of our customers and develop a product range together with them, which can offer the end customer a wide range of products with different designs and thus have products that can be used in all areas of application.

Innovation, design, technology, service and quality are all important to Barite International.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Barite International GmbH

Neidenburger Str.9

28207 Bremen